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O’Haver Contractors is a Commercial General Contractor in San Antonio, Texas that pursues work throughout Texas in both the private and public sectors. We provide commercial general contracting services, as well as construction management, design-build, construction cost estimating and consulting.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

  • Wesley King, Executive Pastor
    Our church saved thousands of dollars in construction expenses and accomplished its goal in record time.
    Wesley King, Executive Pastor
    Grace Point Church
  • Tommy Ellison, Director of Facilities, Medina Valley ISD
    Don O’Haver and the entire O’Haver Contractors staff have been a joy to work with. Our quality, timeline and budget expectations have all been exceeded. Great team!
    Tommy Ellison, Director of Facilities, Medina Valley ISD
    Medina Valley ISD
  • Stephen Rice
    O’Haver's ability and integrity is beyond reproach.
    Stephen Rice
    Flowerama Retail Shop
  • Rick Pulliam, Operations Manager
    What you can expect from O’Haver Contractors is a streamlined, honest process built upon open communication and thorough industry knowledge that dramatically simplifies the construction process. They are a partner to be relied upon from the start of a project through its successful completion.
    Rick Pulliam, Operations Manager
  • Michael Gilliam, President/CEO
    Throughout the process, Don and his folks have always had our interests in mind and provided us with many recommendations and alternatives that would maintain the quality, while expediting the timeline and minimizing costs.
    Michael Gilliam, President/CEO
    San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind
  • D. Keith Pike, President
    O’Haver Contractors was instrumental in having variances granted in order to construct the building. In all matters, the work was professional, timely and met our expectations.
    D. Keith Pike, President
    San Antonio Drive Shaft and Air Replacement Co.
  • Curtis C. Gunn, Jr. Chairman of the Board
    O’Haver provided us with a level of service beyond our expectations.
    Curtis C. Gunn, Jr. Chairman of the Board
    Gunn Automotive Group
  • Charles Pope, Principal
    Throughout the entire process, pre-construction; construction; and post construction, OHC demonstrated knowledge and expertise at all levels of the project.
    Charles Pope, Principal
    Charles William Pope & Associates
  • Buddy Smith, Architect, Kell Munoz Architects, Inc.
    The project was completed on time and within budget. The flow of information between Contractor and architect was excellent. The project management was above expectation and the closeout documents were completed in a timely manner.
    Buddy Smith, Architect, Kell Munoz Architects, Inc.
    Kell Munoz Architects
  • Bill Harrison, President
    O’Haver's contribution to this project is a significant gift to the less fortunate children of our area.
    Bill Harrison, President
    Elf Louise

About Us:

O’Haver Contractors is a closely held limited partnership established in 1996 by its founder and President, Donald R. O’Haver II. Located in San Antonio
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Our Services:

Cost Estimating
Planning / Consulting
Construction Management
New Construction


We enjoy an excellent relationship and reputation with our subcontractors and suppliers. These valued team members understand that when working together on a project.
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Our people have built university and school buildings, industrial centers, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, government specialty buildings, hospitals, churches, movie theaters, grocery stores, major department stores, regional shopping malls, retail centers and more.

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